5 qualities that make the Finn Juhl Chair and instant hit!

Designed by the iconic and prolific Finn Juhl and presented to the world at the 1945 Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild, the Finn Juhl Chair has definitely made its mark on our world. Its simple design and sleek form was way ahead of its time and appreciated quite a bit by critics when it was first unveiled. Even today, this chair remains a stable in the midcentury modern category. It’s almost timeless and has even spawned many a replica over the course of time. So, if you’re wondering what makes this chair so unique and why you should definitely opt for it, here are 5 reasons for you:

  1. Artistic design


One of the best qualities of the Finn Juhl Chair is that it’s got an absolutely iconic form. It features fluid curves that merge into a sleek lines. The overall frame of this chair has been designed in a way that exudes chic sophistication. The slim design is complemented by a comfortable seat and backrest – all solid so that it contrasts strikingly with the more sculptural aspects of the chair. The excellent detailing and craftsmanship only add to the overall appeal of this chair.

  1. Super ergonomic


The most appealing quality of the Finn Juhl Chair is that it is incredibly ergonomic and super comfortable to sit in. The armrests have been sculpted to seamlessly fit the contours of actual human arms. The seat and backrest are also plushily padded, and it ensures the best lounging experience.

  1. Incredibly versatile


The gorgeously sculpted form of the Finn Juhl Chair may seem like it requires a spotlight of its own, but that’s not the case entirely. In fact, it’s quite a versatile furniture piece. Its mostly wooden craftsmanship makes it a seamless shoe-in in most interior design themes. You can control how much it stands out or integrates within the theme by personalizing the fabric of the upholstery.

  1. Great accenting capacity


The highly unusual and extremely iconic design of the Finn Juhl Chair makes it a great accent piece. It can emulate subtle charisma and an instantly eye-catching appeal within any space. You can always customize the fabric of the upholstery to suit your interior design theme. The midcentury-style appeal of this chair definitely makes a mark in everybody’s mind.

  1. A vintage appeal


Did you know that the authentic productions of the Finn Juhl Chair are sold at a price ranging up to $10,000 dollars? That’s how appreciated and coveted this chair is! However, you can easily find qualitative replicas upto $500, which is a great margin. This difference just goes to highlight how people – especially hardcore furniture aficionados – appreciate the vintage appeal of this chair. It’s one of the most iconic furniture pieces and remains a top-notch choice even to this day.

All these qualities fully highlight the great functional, aesthetic, and ergonomic qualities of the Finn Juhl Chair. You can easily tell that it’s going to become the piece de resistance of your space just by going through this list!

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