Flooding is a real problem in any home. It destroys household items and puts your home at a high risk of mold growth. Just getting the water and debris out of your home can be extremely dangerous especially if the electricity has not been turned off without the help of a professional. You must call a restoration company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin for help. There are steps that need to be taken.

Turning the power off

Turning the power off after flooding can be tricky. You may need to call the power company to turn off the power from their end if the switchboard of your home is in the flooded area. It is unsafe to step into the water with electric appliances still on. You run the risk of getting electrocuted. Do not, at all costs, do this. If you find yourself in the area while the flood is happening, your priority should be to get out of the water first.

Siphoning out the flood

You need to call professionals who can help you siphon out the flood. This can be a restoration company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the fire department if they have a siphoning tool, or your rescue department. It would depend on your area. Whatever you do, do not try to do this unaided again. The power in your home should also be turned off during siphoning. Otherwise, you still run the risk of any human being involved in the cleanup being electrocuted. Cleaning up the debris could be done by you but with the emotional stress of your home flooding, cleaning up could be too much as well. It is still advisable to seek the help of a professional.

Drying your place

Siphoning the floodwaters and cleaning up the debris is not enough. Your home would still be damp, and this dampness could lead to mold growth and foundation weakening. It is best to have your home dried as soon as possible. Simply air drying your home can take 6 months to a year especially in humid areas so this is not an option for big floods. You need to get special fans to force dry your place. The most efficient means to do this, though, is to use a dehumidifier. Your restoration company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin should have this tool.

Importance of drying

Drying your home can take anywhere between a few days to a few months. This will depend on what you are going to use to dry your home. It is always recommendable to dry your home completely as fast and as thoroughly as possible. This means that even if it will cost more to use a dehumidifier, it’s the best option. This is because you do not want to breed mold, bacteria and to have stains remain in your home. The faster you call a restoration company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin to fix your flood damage, the better your chances are of having a mold- and damage-free home. Mold can grow in a matter of a few days, so even if your area is not humid, air drying is really not recommended for big floods.

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