Do you own or manage an office space? One of the many responsibilities you have is to keep your premises clean — and when we say premises, they don’t only include windows and office desks but the oft-ignored carpets, too. After all, regular carpet cleaning, Tallahassee, Florida is essential in prolonging your carpets’ life and, ultimately, in maintaining the positive image of your brand.

However, the question is: How often should they be cleaned? Read on to find out.

Why Carpet Cleaning Should Never Be Ignored

As mentioned, regular cleaning extends the life of your office carpet. And by doing so, you are actually saving your business a significant amount of money in the long run.

Another perk is helping your employees work more productively. Did you know that a clean carpet helps protect the quality of indoor air? This, in turn, protects the welfare of your workers and prevents them from developing illnesses that can affect their productivity level.

However, it’s not only your employees who will gain from having a clean carpeting system — your customers and investors, too, will be protected from microorganisms that thrive in unkempt carpet conditions. As they see a clean office space, it also leaves a positive impression, effectively reinforcing your brand image to these important people.

When To Clean Your Office Carpet

Maintaining a pristine carpet entails diligent spot cleaning and vacuuming and regularly hiring professional carpet cleaning, Tallahassee, Florida services. Here’s how often these cleaning activities should be done.

Spot cleaning. Your carpet is prone to different types of dirt and stains. When not addressed immediately, they will be harder to remove. Therefore, it is essential to do spot cleaning whenever needed. This can be performed by your custodial service.

Vacuuming. This is an everyday cleaning effort that helps keep your carpet look and smell fresh. Regular vacuuming is particularly important in high-traffic spaces including reception areas, entranceways, lobbies, and corridors.

Preventive cleaning. Deep cleaning is a preventive maintenance that prolongs the lifespan of your carpet at an economical rate (take note that carpet repair and replacement can be costly). Depending on several factors, you should hire professional carpet cleaners anywhere from once a month to two to four times a year.

Factors Affecting Carpet Cleaning Frequency

While the above-mentioned is more of a general rule of thumb, the frequency of how you should conduct carpet cleaning, Tallahassee, Florida depends on several factors.

Carpet type. Carpets come in different colors, patterns, and pile types. Typically, you would need to clean dark, heavily patterned, low-pile carpets less frequently compared to their light-colored, high-pile counterparts.

Foot traffic. The logic here is the higher the foot traffic is, the more frequent the deep cleaning should be. For heavy traffic, professional cleaning should be done at least once a month. For moderate traffic, it should be done twice to four times a year. If the traffic is light, twice-a-year deep cleaning will do the job.

Climate. More frequent cleaning is needed if your office is located in a high-moisture area or in a neighborhood where it gets a lot of rain or snow. Carpets that are damp are highly likely to encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

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