Cabinets play a vital role in your kitchen’s overall look. They are essential because of how much stuff we can put in them, so once in a while, it would be good to give them a facelift or upgrade. Instead of replacing them, choose to reface them. Not only will it save you money, but it can also save you time. Here are six tips to keep your kitchen cabinets looking fresh.

If you are looking to add more visual interest into your kitchen, consider adding a two-tone design. This design will add diversity to your kitchen. Try refacing the top cabinets with light-themed colors and the bottom cabinets with dark-themed colors. You can also opt to install some glass into your cabinets. Cut out the center panels of your wooden cabinets and put the glass frames in. If you would want your cabinets refaced like these, here is cabinet refacing orange.

If you already have glass or transparent cabinets, you can try putting wallpapers. They are very easy to install and offer a variety of designs you can choose from. If you want to make your kitchen look more modern and futuristic, add perforated steel to the center panels of your kitchen cabinets. This material also has different designs.

Use wall moldings to give cabinets a different appearance. This technique is also known as a recessed or inset panel design. Lastly, install high tech hinges. These will help close your cabinets with a soft slow-motion finish.

For more information on these tips, here’s an infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

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