Germs are notoriously hard to eliminate, but there are certain items in every home that are havens for bacteria, and if we clean them often, we stand a much better chance of keeping our homes safe and hygienically clean.

Here are 6 household items that you should clean most often, and how you should do it:

1.     Kitchen Sponges/Cloths

With up to 362 different species of bacteria, it’s vital that you keep your kitchen sponges and cloths hygienically clean to avoid spreading any of these germs. Avoid using sponges and cloths to clean up after meat spills; instead use paper towels that can be immediately disposed of.

To hygienically clean your sponge, soak it in a bucket or bowl of water and bleach for a couple of minutes, run it through the dishwasher on the hottest and longest cycle, or microwave it on high for one minute.

Once you’ve cleaned your kitchen sponge or cloth a few times, simply swap it for a new one.

2.     Cell Phones

You might be shocked to know that scientists have found cell phones to frequently carry traces of a multitude of bacteria, and even fecal matter! To keep your phone hygienically clean, you can carefully clean it with a disinfectant containing 70% alcohol or purchase disposable phone wipes from a store.

3.     Handles And Knobs

Simple and quick to clean, there is no excuse for skipping this during your house cleaning routine. Wipe door handles and knobs (including those on closets and drawers) with a disinfectant solution at least every other day.

4.     Pet Bowls And Toys

A wide array of germs can often be found living quite happily on your dogs’ bowls and toys, and the only way to avoid these from contaminating you, your home or other members of your household, is by cleaning them thoroughly and often. This can be done by simply washing them in warm, soapy water every day or running them on a cycle in your dishwasher. Doggy toys that are washable can be thrown into the washer, while those that are not, can be thoroughly washed with soapy water at least once a week.

5.     Shower Curtains

Vinyl shower curtains can be a veritable paradise for germs and bacteria, and if your shower curtain can be washed in your machine, then you should do this as often as is required depending upon it’s level of grime, but ideally every two or three months. Be sure to use a gentle setting, and if your curtain has gotten so dirty that the stains and grime won’t shift, simply buy a new one.

6.     Toothbrushes

It has long been proven that toothbrushes often harbour more potentially infectious germs and bacteria than the average toilet seat, and that’s no joke! Aside from keeping the toilet lid down when you flush, try to ensure that your brush is air dried after every use, as most germs thrive in damp conditions, and store it inside a cabinet to prevent bacteria from reaching it.

Many of these cleaning tips are simple, cheap and effective and can be carried out easily; for more intensive cleaning tasks, try using a professional cleaning service to help you free up your time and keep your home hygienically clean.


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