If you are thinking of buying an apartment for investment purposes, that is, to sell it in the future, we willprovide you with three benefits of direct apartment sales to help you have an insight to what you are venturing into.

Three Benefits Of Direct Apartment Sales

  1. The Sale Of Apartments Generates Higher Profits If The Transaction Is Direct

The first benefit that an apartment owner has when selling his property is that he makes a higher profit compared to his initial investment. Also, if the sale of apartments is directly between the owner and the interested person, the profit is better due to the cost savings associated with not hiring a professional seller.Generally, in a real estate transaction, the owner who wants to leave the property is responsible for paying the seller’s fees.

  1. Faster Business Closure

When an owner is interested in selling a property, it should not automatically be assumed that his primary motivation is to make as much money as possible. If the owner is facing a distress situation, it could be due to late payment of taxes or mortgages, lack of occupation of the property, deferred maintenance, or a multitude of other reasons, their main interest may be to get rid of the property as quickly as possible.

Even if the owner is not distressed by the sale of the apartment, a quick closing means that he will get money soon, which he can use for other purposes. For the buyer, closing the sale of the apartment means that they will be able to move into their new home or that they will be able to rent the property for a higher income.

  1. Fewer Complications

Finally, the sale of Condo near Charan (คอนโดจรัญ, which is the term in Thai) directly is less problematic. Again, not all homeowners are motivated to get the highest price – they may want the least stressful outing.

By selling an apartment directly, there are no open houses or property tours scheduled with multiple stakeholders; there are not numerous Q&A sessions with potential buyers, professional buyers or sellers are not snooping around the property and disturbing the inhabitants, rumors that the apartment will be sold to an unknown person are reduced, which could negatively affect relationships between residents and seller.

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